The Pretty Things Peep Show – Tuesday 30th July 2013

caption id=”attachment_84″ align=”alignnone” width=”300″]ready for show time ready for show time[/caption]Tuesday 30th July 2013
The Pretty Things Peep Show

The evening started early with us setting out the venue café style, unlike our usual stand up rock club look!
We put some sweets, a single rose, candles (romantic) & bubbles on the table for our guests. The girls from the peep show were setting up their merchandise table full of these lovely nipple tassels that were all hand made by Go Go Amy, every colour, shape & size you could think of.

Doors opened at half 7 where a lot of unsure faces walked through the door, none of us knew what to expect from the show! Some people made an amazing effort and dressed in their finest vintage gear, us at The Robin 2 are dress up as well (any excuse ).

The show started about 8:45 with this very tall man with stripy clothes and a curly moustache came on to the stage, went by the name of Donny Vomit, (we learn about the name later on) he captures our attention with his whitty American ways.


He introduces the 1st act Go Go Amy where she does a classy burlesque number which pulls the audience in and we are all amazed and opened into the world of pin up / burlesque, Go Go Amy is very beautiful and brings a real art to the burlesque.


Next on stage is Little Miss FireFly a talented women who is no bigger than 3ft who sent us all in a trance watching her burlesque performance followed by Rachael Renegade (The Pin Proof Princess) who through out the night gets you watching through squinted eyes and parted fingers!


In between the acts done by the stunning women Donny Vomit performs some shocking, gagging & mesmerising tricks, he hammers a steel nail through his nose at one point which made me pull a lovely face left by confusion of how he had done this, and the sounds of this trick shows the mics are in good order haha.
Donny also shows he is very handy with a whip, breaking rice noodles that was held by parts you wouldn’t want whipping!
He also decides to juggle with some very large machetes while trying to eat an apple, I then decided being at the front was not the best idea, although we did get the apple with a nice bite out of it after the trick.
The most epic trick of the night has got to be when he called a lovely audience member who really didn’t want to go up, pull a sword from his throat. (Will get that video on our Facebook page you have to see it to believe it!)

donny nail in nose

In between Danny Vomitt we had the 3 lovey ladies perform for us to different numbers of vintage 50s tracks, and some thrilling outfits!

Rachael Renegade shocks us all when she lay on a bed of nails and Go Go Amy stood on her, she also got a very big strong man with a sledge hammer break a breeze block on her, (so glad these tricks have not gone wrong!).
Rachael then manages to swallow razor sharp blades followed by a bit of string & finishes off the act by pulling all the blades out attached to the string! (OMG) jaw was on the table at that point.

Rachael + strong man

Little Miss FireFly had us all in awe when she walked across a sea of broken glass. Such a massive personality and stage presence for such a little lady!

ms firefly

The night finishes off with the audience able to go up on stage & see Go Go Amy twisted in a box with lots of sharp blades through it, definitely interesting to see.

They all hang around after the show by the merchandise table so everybody could have photos, A chat & even get a lesson off of Go Go Amy on how to dance with nipple tassels on.

amys bum

This show outdid itself and I could never of imagined it to be as good as it was, One of the best Tuesday nights I’ve ever had, very glad we got to have them here at The Robin, and hope to have them back with us in the future.

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