The Frankie Valli Story Jersey Boy Thursday 6th December

fv3We have got the best seats in the house right up the front brilliant view of the stage and the star of the show Stephen James.

The show tells the story of Frankie Valli’s rise of fame all done and edited by Stephen James on a projector, and throughout the story we have Stephen doing live covers of all Frankie Vallis hit, even my personal favourite ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’.

His voice is incredible, we think it can’t be him singing, sounds like Mr Valli is in the room with us!!

He finishes the show on Grease is the Word, which I never knew was done by Frankie Valli, I really want to go home and watch grease now haha.

After the performance he has a little chat with the audience and does a bit of ‘Sherry Baby’ Acapella.

His Voice is actually that good! We are gob smacked!

This is such a good show can’t wait to see Stephen back here on July 4th we will for sure be there singing along, you don’t actually realise how many songs Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons did that you know. We even Purchased a CD of Stephens on the night, absolutely fantastic!!


See you all next time

Laura, Vicky & Diane

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