The dualers + support The Reggaelators

Another great night at the Robin 2. The support band, The Reggaelators are wicked, really got us in the mood for the main act. A real, genuine reggae band. Musicians, spot on vocals wicked! Cannot believe these are a support act, more like a main headlining act! Professional and so much fun!!! Bring on the Dualers!!!

The main band, The Dualers are on stage, and they am pretty Flippin amazing!! All the crowd is bouncing along to their jumpin ska beat!! The main man is party on toast, gets everybody skankin and on their feet!!



Rude boys all round!!! The crowd are lovin it!!

What an amazing show!! Finishing up with monkey man! A show stopper!! We need these guys back, what an atmosphere!!! Deffo a wicked nite!!

Laura, Vicky and Diane xx


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One thought on “The dualers + support The Reggaelators

  1. what can i say, what a night, one of the best nights ive had in ages, waited 3 years for the Dualers to come to the midlands, and they did not let us down, and the support band where tops, again please asap…

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