Saturday 11th A…


Saturday 11th August was a great day! 7pm, we arrived at the Robin 2 all ready for our night out at the Bon Giovi show.

We went into the venue (not really knowing what we was doing!) to see the guys before the show started. Tico, the drummer of the band said “he and the band would help us out and answer some questions” for us.

When we arrived in the dressing room, the band were all relaxing before the show. Disturbing a very comfy looking ‘David Bryan’, he scootled up and we sat.

Again, being total ‘newbies’ at this (a giggling mess), we started to have a chat with the guys.

They said that they have played 3 times at the Robin, and think it’s the best for audience and sound tech. They love it!!

The band started in 1999, and they say this is the best line up that they have had in the band, after how its chopped and changed over the years.

Now, the frontman himself, ‘Jon’, walks in (he’s got the same hair as Bon Jovi!!!). From Italy, but when he’s on stage you would really think he’s from New Jersey!

‘David Bryan’ said he has actually met the real David Bryan in real life (wow!) and the actual ‘Bon Jovi’ must like them as a band, as they don’t stop them paying tribute to them.


After our chat with the guys upstairs, to calm the giggles we had a Jagerbomb from the bar, seemed to work J

The show opened with E.T.A, a melodic rock band, covering a variety of AOR/melodic rock bands plus they do some of their original material too.

They were great, and really warmed up the crowd nicely, everyone was dancing away and really enjoying it!

At this point, we had a photo call with the Bon Giovi guys upstairs in our restaurant with the awesome photographer Rob Stanley

After our ‘rock star’ photoshoot, they guys took to the stage, and started the show. THEY ROCKED IT!!!

They started the show, and everyone was on their feet, clapping and singing along.

‘Jon’ is a great Bon Jovi soundalike aswell as look alike, and the band recreate the iconic sound that is unmistakably Bon Jovi!

Their setlist included: ‘You Give Live A Bad Name’ – ‘Keep The Faith’ – ‘Bed Of Roses’ – ‘Wanted, Dead Or Alive’ – Always’ – Livin’ On A Prayer’ – In Your Arms Tonight’…

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